Many refugees have been in survival mode for so long they have forgotten how to grieve. Some feel traumatised by their memories of the past, and others are worn down through the complicated procedures on which their hopes for a new start rest. The challenges of gaining legal status, finding housing, securing employment and learning language are important to work through in the process of integration, but perhaps the most essential factor for the long term success in building a new life is emotional wellbeing.

This is where Life Transitions Refugee aims to help. Our Reflective Journey gives refugees the opportunity and the tools to start to commemorate the past, to accept the present, and to look forward to the future with hope.

We train and resource churches, community groups and charities to host the Reflective Journey. Drawing on biblical stories, the journey takes participants through four interactive stations helping them mark their arrival, and preparing them for the challenges of building a new life. Through the process participants gain an understanding of the impact of trauma, normalizing some of the symptoms they may be experiencing. They are given a safe space to start to grieve, and their emotional resilience is built up.

“When we were introduced to Life Transitions we felt like we finally had an effective tool in our hands to help. As a pastor and missionary among refugees I highly recommend Life Transitions Refugee for churches engaged with displaced people

(Reinhard Leistner – Head of Refugee work for BFP / Assemblies of God Churches in Germany)

The Reflective Journey is currently available in 6 languages and has been run by ministries supporting refugees in Germany, Belgium, Greece and the UK. There is also an adapted version for children and victims of human trafficking.

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Document to download: LTarticleforchurches