Turkey is already hosting millions of refugees.  With the EU now returning refugees to Turkey and many, many refugees still coming into the nation from the South and East, the numbers are only going to increase.

We have also witnessed terrorist attacks and political instability.  Many tourists are keeping away.  The pressure is on Turkey – economically, politically and from a security perspective.

The Christian community in Turkey, both indigenous and foreign, is very small in number.  It is viewed with great suspicion by much of the media.  There is occasional intimidation and attack.

But great ministry is quietly being done for refugees.

The first thing we can do is to pray.  For the country, for Christians, for refugees.

The second thing to ensure is that we do not make life more difficult for Christians in Turkey.  Be careful about information you share publicly.  If Christians come to Turkey, they must be discreet.  With this in mind, there are a growing number of ways to get involved.

Volunteering: A new working group in Turkey has been tasked with discovering opportunities for short term work among the various refugee ministries on the ground.  If you are interested in how your church can serve these ministries, feel free to contact this working group through the Refugee Campaign’s Turkey point person.

Donations: There are several ministries that are set up to receive donations for projects among refugees in Turkey.  There are a number of ongoing humanitarian relief, development and other evangelical projects focused on refugees.  If your church is interested in being matched with a project through our Refugee Campaign partners, please contact the Turkey point person.

Prayer: There are both general and Turkey-focused prayer networks set up for those who want to pray for refugees.  From these networks you can receive regularly updated prayer requests from ministries and churches serving refugees in Turkey.

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Contact: Refugee Campaign Turkey point person

Chris McQueen

[email protected]