You have a great project and you are expecting a great work among refugees. Your job now is to convince people who don’t know you to believe that your work will be great. So answer these questions.

  • Who are you? What have you been doing with refugees? What has the impact been?
  • What do you plan to do and that needs funding?
  • Why do you believe that these plans are the best thing to do? Who will you benefit and how?
  • How much money do you need? Include a simple budget.
  • What are you doing to raise this money?
  • Provide contact info in case people want to know more.  Provide bank account details.

Get a friend who does not work for your project to read your text and comment on how clear, interesting and convincing it is and then make any changes that you both agree on.

Now who can help you?

Funding is never easy to find but these are people who may have ideas of funding sources.

  • The Refugee Campaign country point person for your country. See
  • Your national Evangelical Alliance
  • Your denomination or mission agency
  • Partner agencies working on refugees in your nation.

What are good fundraising options?

  • Mailings (paper and digital) to a specific group of people who could be interested.
  • Contact to Christian and other philanthropic foundations to present your project.
  • Contact Christian businesses to present your project.
  • Present the project on a crowdfunding platform like (  (Try to fundraise a part of your costs or tell the people that you will start working when all is funded.)
  • Events in churches, neighbourhoods etc. to present your project and to collect money. Be as creative as you can be. Never make people feel pressurised to give.
  • Invite friends and family to a dinner or other event with the clear purpose of raising funds for your project.

Members of the Refugee Campaign community may well be interested in your project. So try uploading your funding document with a word of intro to

EEA staff cannot help you with fundraising matters. So please use the channels suggested in this FAQ rather than connecting with them.