Remember the boy with the bread and fish and what Jesus could do when the boy made them available.  So prayerfully consider some of these options.

Make prayer your focus.

  • Pray for all who are trying to help refugees and find solutions in an impossible situation.
  • Pray for the refugees themselves, for safety, for hope, for just decisions about their futures and for successful integration.
  • Pray for your nation. Pray for those who are afraid. Pray against any effort to stir up fear and even hatred and violence. Pray for good patriotism to win out over any toxic kind of nationalism. Pray that the people of your nation will dare to welcome and to help newcomers fit in. Pray for the authorities, that they will manage complicated situations wisely and with compassion.
  • And pray that the Lord would use this time of turmoil for His good purposes to bring life and hope to many.

Find out what is happening in your town.  Can you offer to support what the authorities, other churches or charities are doing?

Consider the bread and fish within your church community.  Could your children / youth / old people’s ministry be adapted so that refugees could join in?  What are the things that would come naturally to individuals?  Teaching a refugee your language? Helping them navigate themselves around the supermarket?  Providing haircuts or transport to a hospital appointment? Inviting a family for a meal?  Inviting refugees to come to your home or church and cook a meal for you?  Just being a friend?

Once you know what you have to offer, prayerfully approach the authorities / refugee centre and let them know.  Or look for natural opportunities to get to know refugees.

And, if you know people who are afraid, worried about change, frustrated because they face their own challenges and don’t think anyone cares, take time to listen.  Don’t judge or push your views on to those with genuine concerns.  Potentially provide opportunities to express and explore fears and frustrations appropriately, and seek answers together.

Look on the resources pages on this site to help you.