EEA seeks to respond to the Refugee crisis. We cannot do this without the help of many ministries, partners, organisations, churches and within them many volunteers.

EEA encourages you to get involved in your community. You can find many opportunities, programs and tools on this website. Connect with the national point person to find out how you can help. Or join one of the many networks or organisations that do refugee work.

Financial contributions to EEA will be used to:

  1. Train and support networks and organisations to build refugee support.
  2. Advocate on behalf of refugees
  3. Be an European platform for refugee work.

You can donate by direct bank transfer or by Paypall:

IBAN: NL52 RABO 0162 1986 39


BANK: Rabobank Utrechtse Heuvelrug , Postbus 82, 3700 AB Zeist, The Netherlands

References: Refugee Campaign

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