Three countries. Six nationalities. One film.

The Peace Between explores how unlikely friendships can begin and continue to grow. We meet three Europeans who have had displaced people come into their country and their lives. And we meet the people who have travelled thousands of kilometres to seek sanctuary in Europe. These are friendships that grew in spite of huge differences.

The teams who have made the film and developed accompanying resources on hope that, by looking at The Peace Between, there will be opportunities for honest reflection and discussion about how we all feel about displaced people in our communities.

Viewing asylum seekers through the various lenses of politics, humanitarian need, economic problems or security concerns is valid.  This film invites people to pick up a new lens: relationship. It reveals the miracle of friendship stretching beyond vast differences. The Peace Between is an opportunity to “meet” real people, both Europeans and those that our cultures call ‘foreigners’ and to be challenged by how we can be neighbour to one another in spite of barriers.

The goal of this project is bigger than a simple film. We hope that churches as well as student and community groups will create the opportunity for people to view the film and then go a step further. The project envisions that they will be inspired to provide an intentionally safe space for people to react honestly to the film’s content through the sharing of experiences, hopes and concerns. Materials have been provided to make this easy.

The film and resources can be accessed and used via . Translations of the discussion guide and subtitles in 20 languages are in the process of being added.


We would like to thank Talitha Brauer, Caroline Kamya and Dylan Klass, the makers of The Peace Between and their partners and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to create such a wonderful resource despite such limited resources. And we want to thank all who have assisted in the creation and translation of the resources on and some amazing advisors who have guided the project.


We hope that refugee ministries, Evangelical Alliances, denominations, mission agencies, NGOs, student groups and others will let their people know about The Peace Between so that it can open up helpful reflection and discussion across Europe.


Three countries. Six nationalities. One Film. And, the challenges that come with finding the peace that can exist between us. May this project be a lens into the human side of the refugee crisis and may it lead all of us to peace.


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