Drive with us to remind European leaders and our national governments of their promise

In September 2015, all European Member States made a promise to relocate by September 2017 a fair share of 63.302 refugees stuck in Greece to their own countries to start their asylum process in that third country. Three quarters in, only 15% of them have actually been relocated, hence most of them were forced to survive yet another winter in very harsh circumstances.

The nature of this so-called relocation deal is urgent and the purpose is to spread the responsibility of this refugee crisis over all the Member States so to lighten the heavy load on one of our fellow Member States, in this case being Greece.

In reality however, we see that none of the European Member States is keeping their end of the deal, some have not even relocated anyone yet and it seems they are not planning on doing so whatsoever. In the mean time, Greece, while having to deal with its own crisis, has been left having to cope with the overflow of refugees without other Member States taking on their full share. Other Member States are creatively calculating and setting forth lower numbers of people they are supposed to relocate. It is clear the relocation deal will not be very successful and one can only speculate on when the next wave of refugees is coming and how many they will be.

Our team has visited Athens and Thessaloniki just last week to get more of an understanding of the situation right now. It seems most of the chaos has been dealt with, (pre-)registration is coming to a closure, people have been placed in more humane conditions. At the moment most of them are waiting for a phone call, which will tell them what country they will be send to and when. And this waiting is deadly, after all they have been through already, they have been stuck for months and months not knowing what is about to happen. All decisions about their future are in other people’s hands, and so they wait.

For now it seems that the relocation deal is stuck at the level of our national governments that are not speedily taking in people. That is why we as European citizens want to remind our own governments as well as the European leaders of their promise by driving to Brussels on the 6th of March to offer them our cars and services as chauffeurs to quicken this relocation process. This has been done already on November 30th in The Hague, now we want to people from all over Europe. So, will you join us?

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If driving to Brussels is not a possibility, you can show your support on line by posting a selfie with your license plate: Read our stories from our trip, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and pass on the information as much as you want.

Let’s Bring Them Here #Brussels from Suzan Doodeman on Vimeo.