Refugee Days in June 2018
People all over Europe are called to focus on those people that are less privileged. The World Refugee Sunday (17 / 24. June) and the World Refugee Day (June 20th) will focus on young refugees that had no choice and had to leave their parents way too early. Join the initiative to support this vulnerable group.

Who would send his only sixteen year old son alone halfway around the world? In the past three years, parents have been forced to do so. In the year 2017 over 11 million teenagers1 were on their way alone worldwide, as they had either lost their parents on the journey or fled without their parents. These young children and youngsters need help in settling in a new country and a new culture. A process that needs time and energy. We invite you to show your sympathy and solidarity especially during the Refugee Days 2018.

APPsolutely simple – Integrate Refugees with three mouse clicks
Shopping on your own. Making new friends in the sports club. Finding the correct agency. Joining a language course. Going swimming. Finding a free Wi-Fi hotspot. All these things help young refugees to settle in Europe and to feel comfortable and welcomed. They are first steps to integration and meeting locals.

The Love Europe Refugee App supports this process. Add your events where you would like to welcome refugees easily into the guide in the app. Just download the app, click the + button in the Locations or Events section, and fill out your info and submit it. Also use the app to find existing local initiatives if you want to join in.

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