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20th June 2019 is World Refugee Day

The United Nations declared June 20, World Refugee day. The Sunday before (June 16) or immediately following (June 23) is dedicated as Refugee Sunday to stand by all these people on the run. To help you to organise Refugee Sunday in your own church or congregation, a variety of resources are available.

Download the 2019 Refugee Sunday Pack

The Peace Between film is an excellent tool for honest reflection and discussion about how we all feel about displaced people in our communities. The film subtitles and accompanying discussion guide are available in about 20 different languages!

Use the official hashtags #WorldRefugeeSunday and #RefugeeHighway to share, encourage and inspire others.

Refugee Sunday Resource Pack 2018

The Refugee Highway Partnership have produced this great resource pack, with prayers, stories, sermons, children and youth resources.


Refugee Sunday Resource Pack 2017

You will find everything you need to organise a Refugee Sunday service and activities on both Sundays as well as during the whole week.

The resource pack comprises of:
– a Poster ; – an Order of service;
– a Sunday school plan
– Prayer materials
– Advocacy resources
– Creative ideas
– Projects for donation
– Fact sheets and many other information.

Be a safe place for those on the run from the killing fields.” Isaiah 16:4